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Caring for your knives

We want you to feel happy and confident using your knives. Just follow these simple steps to make sure you keep your collection in optimum condition for many years to come. 

Using your knives
Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board to avoid blunting the blade. Choose the right knife for the job, this will make the task easier and minimise the risk of damaging your knife. It sounds obvious, but please take care with our knives. They are exceptionally sharp and should be used in an environment which is well lit, where you can be free from distraction and out of reach of children. 

Washing and drying
Although we would always recommend handwashing for our more premium ranges, all of our knives are also safe to put into the dishwasher (except Midori, 1839 and One70 because of the unique nature of the handle). Just remember to remove and hand dry your knives at the end of the rinse cycle, rather than leaving them overnight in a damp environment. A couple of other things to mention: Please don't leave your knives to soak in a washing up bowl. And, as regards the knife block, this mustn't be immersed in water. Just wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking clean and fresh.

Keeping their shine
We call it stainless, but what we really mean is it's stain resistant. Our knives are made form unique alloys which gives them far greater resistance to corrosion. But all knives lose their sparkle from time to time. A quick freshen up with a good quality stainless steel polish will do the trick. 

Please store your knives carefully and keep out of the reach of children. The ideal place is in one of our specially designed knife blocks. Please make sure that your knives are never damp when you put them back into your knife block or drawer.